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Financial Opportunity Center

Financial Opportunity Center

The FOC is a career and personal financial service center that focuses on the financial bottom line for lower income individuals. The focus involves changing people's financial behavior in a way that encourages them to make a long-term commitment to increasing income, decreasing expenses and debt, and acquiring assets.

Did you know that Wesley Community Center was the first site for a Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) in Houston?

The FOC provides support in four core areas:

1. Education (Learn It) - This is our Bridge to Career Opportunities (BCO) program and we offer training and scholarship for the following certification: CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), CDA (Child Development Assistant), EKG/Phlebotomy.

2. Career Development (Earn It) - These services include assistance with job searches; referrals to employers; job fairs; help with resume writing; interview practice; coaching on professionalism and workplace behavior; and assistance with enrolling in college, technical school, or GED (General Education Development).

3. Income Support (Keep It) - These services include determining clients' eligibility for public benefits such as Medicaid/CHIP, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and SNAP (Food Stamps) and helping clients apply for these benefits.

4. Financial Coaching (Grow It) - These services include group-based financial education classes involving topics such as budgeting and credit building. It also includes one-on-one financial counseling, which focuses on solving specific problems; helping clients achieve long-term economic stability through changes in their financial behavior; and providing access to safe, low interest loans as an alternative to high-interest payday loans.

To make an appointment for FOC services, please call or email Carla Perez 713-821-8928, Prior to your visit to the FOC office, complete the FOC CLIENT INTAKE.

FOC services are free; appointments are scheduled daily. For eligibility you must provide identification, proof of residence, and social security card. All clients are required to bring employment, education, and financial information to first visit (if applicable).

We also offer assistance with the following: 

  • Houston Food Bank Social Services Outreach Program (SNAP,MEDICAID,CHIP)
  • Harris County Hospital District Community Outreach Services - Access to financial assistance (GOLD CARD), community resources/referrals for services outside of Wesley.