Investing in the potential of individuals and creating opportunities to strengthen families and build neighborhoods.

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Board of Directors

Board Members


Ralph Walker

J.P. Morgan

Vice President
Mary Balagia
United Methodist Church

Elizabeth Lewis

Brant Croucher

Wann Construction, Inc.



Carisa Bolaños-Gracia
Barri Financial Group

Lee Chenault
Alta Resources

Teresa J. Del Valle
Meynier & Matte

Tom Forestier
Winstead PC

Pat Hammond
NRG Energy

Louie Layrisson
Baker Botts

Kate MacDougall

Independent Energy Consultant

Gary Payne
Odgers Berndtson

Sam Rodriguez
Educational Clinical Consulting

Rob Smith
Lorance & Thompson, P.C.



Executive Board
Ralph Walker, President
Mary Balagia, Vice President
Open, Secretary
Brant Croucher, Treasurer

Designated Directors
Dr. Rev. Jesse Brannen
Sandra D. Crockett-Goins
Margarett Goodson
Velmanel Petty

Advisory Members
Bishop Scott Jones
Laura Millikan
Charlie Rhoads

National UMW Board
Stacie Hawkins

Executive Director Emeritus
Ruth G. Palmer